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Yes, I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, but in reality it’s quite true. At least when it comes to your headshot.  Whether you use it on your website or in an effort to land your dream job, your headshot is what makes or breaks a prospective client’s or employer’s first impression of you.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer

I have had the pleasure of being personally trained and mentored by world-renowned headshot photographer, Peter Hurley of New York; as such, I specialize in headshot and portrait photographs.  I am very honoured to be one of only a handful of photographers from around the world who has achieved the status of Associate Photographer for The Headshot Crew.

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Looking for a Vancouver Headshot Photographer?  Look no further!

Whether you are an actor or a CEO, we will find the look that best fits your brand.  Expression is Everything!


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While I’m known as a Vancouver Headshot Photographer, I also provide a variety of other services.


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If I can recommend just one thing, it would be to meet with any potential photographer you are interested in working with. Achieving great results is definitely a team effort, therefore, be sure you and your photographer are a good fit.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  A headshot is more like a full biography.” - D.L. McIntyre

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