Bring out the Best in Vancouver's Mac's II Agencies

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to work with Mac’s II Agencies, Canada’s premier agency, in designing, supplying, and supporting quality lighting and electrical products.

Our session focused on capturing some impressive headshots and a warm group shot showcasing the team’s spirit. The entire day was not just about photography—let’s say it was also filled with a lot of laughs and memorable moments. I love that kind of tone in my shoots—people just being themselves—so they can feel comfortable in front of the camera.

But I tell you, here are some things that made this particular shoot great for me and the Mac’s II team. It’s fantastic when everything gels and the process flies!  I flourish when I feel like the client and I are in sync with each other.

From booking to proofing, the team at Mac’s II was incredibly responsive. Their quick communication made the planning stage super smooth. 

When it comes to clients, I know they can be busy, and I want to make this a great session by collaborating and getting them done as quickly as possible. They need to move along with the rest of the day, and I want to make them feel good but not take up too much of their time. The team at Mac’s II got that, and I appreciated the collaborative spirit.

They’d picked out the ideal space, giving me room to set up my equipment. I can shoot in many different locations and situations, but the area they provided was exactly what we all needed. (Case in point: See the group shot below!) 

During the initial lighting test, the team collaborated with me to achieve the desired look and feel to hit the mark in terms of their brand and the personality they wanted in every image—ensuring satisfaction at the proofing stage because I’ve been in lockstep with their team and listening carefully to what they need from the professional headshots.

After the shoot, the feedback from Mac’s II was incredibly valuable. Knowing they were thrilled with the final images is what I strive for with all of my projects.

Honestly, shoots like this are a pleasure, and I’m so grateful to work with them. I hope to do it again in the not-so-distant future.

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Group portrait of five Mac's II team members, Wes, Derek, Andrew, Chris, and Kyle, in professional attire, posing in Metro Vancouver.