Session Information

When it comes to booking your session, our #1 priority is convenience. Our goal is to provide an option that makes it easy for you, the customer.

We have a fully equipped studio in Pitt Meadows, where you really will feel at home during your session.

The other option is simply for us to come to you. Whether it’s a single headshot for just you or headshots for your entire team, we can bring our mobile studio to your space.

Why A Professional Headshot

Whatever your line of work, you can benefit from a professional headshot.  As any actors and models will know, quality headshots are a crucial part of an industry portfolio.  For those with an internet presence, such as a website, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, the first thing people will look at is your profile picture.  There is an art to giving a good first impression!  An official, professional representation of yourself – that is, your picture – can make all the difference.  It should be of superior quality, and a good (recent) likeness of yourself: well-lit, positive, posed appropriately and re-touched.  Most importantly, your picture should reflect the qualities you are trying to convey to your customers or clients.  My role as your photographer is to capture images that show not only your unique physical characteristics, but also give the viewer a glimpse into your personality through your expression.

The Session

For optimal results, it’s best to shoot three to four different ‘looks’ during the session.  It can be very useful to have a variety of images suitable for different purposes – or for several intended markets.  In one session I usually shoot anywhere from 200-400 images, moving through different poses and expressions to guarantee we get what we are looking for.  Afterward, we will sit down together, review all of the images, and begin the approval process.  Once we have narrowed it down to about 30-50 final images, they will be uploaded to a private photo proofing site.  This will allow you to go through the images on your own, or give access to anyone else that might be helping you with the final decision process, such as your agent.

Retouching and Printing

When you have chosen your final images, I will send them to my professional retoucher. The turnaround time for retouching is 4 – 5 business days.

If you need prints of any of the pictures, I can either do this myself or forward your print-ready files to a reputable lab in the local area. My prints are completed on an Epson Professional Inkjet printer, using only the highest quality paper and ink.


I ask that you bring several outfits with you to the session, as I normally shoot three to four different looks.  For headshots, you only need to bring tops – for portraits, having multiple complete outfits is best.  Ultimately, the selection is up to you; however, solid colors or shades normally work best.  Try to avoid anything with very busy patterns or logos, and I recommend that you bring a variety of clothing styles (for example, bringing only tank tops is not advisable).  Corporate and business groups: suits, ties, fine shirts and other dress clothes can be interchanged to create a variety of professional looks.  The more you bring, the more ways you can present yourself.

Hair and Makeup


I strongly suggest that you hire a professional to do your hair and make-up. While there is an extra cost associated with this service (about $125 to $150), hiring a professional make-up artist will not only enhance your experience, but also allow you to concentrate on the shoot.  Make-up for photo sessions differs from everyday make-up.  Professional make-up artists have the proper products and the technical knowledge to bring out the best in you.  I have worked with some great make-up artists, who know how cosmetics appear in the lighting of a photoshoot environment: I can highly recommend them to you.  Alternatively, you can hire your own make-up artist and come to the session ready to start shooting.  Either way, you should be aware that the quality of the photos featured on this site were almost all facilitated by professional hair and make-up services.

If you feel you can do your own hair and make-up, please keep it natural.   Less is more in the case of headshot photography.  It is easier to apply more make-up than it is to take it off.  Style your hair as if you are going for an audition or an important meeting.  For women with long hair: please bring a hair elastic to the session so we can shoot both with your hair down, and up in a ponytail or bun for variety’s sake.  There is more than one way to frame your face.


You may be relieved to know there is no make-up requirement for men: just exfoliate and moisturize the day of the shoot, for the sake of your skin.  If possible, do not get your hair cut right before the session, but try to schedule your session about halfway between cuts. It will photograph better.

Alternatively, if you want some pictures with ‘scruff’, bring a shaving kit.  We will shoot until we have the look covered, and afterward we can also get some ‘clean’ looks.  Ideally, unless facial hair is part of your normal look, you should come in clean-shaven.

Both women and men should moisturize their lips. Dry, chapped lips cannot be retouched well. Start moisturizing a few days before your photo session.