Portrait Photography with Evan

Evan contacted me a while back as he was looking for new headshots and portfolio images. He mentioned that he would be looking for representation from a model/acting agency and needed some photos to accompany his application.

For me, the initial consultation I have with my clients is invaluable. Before the day of shooting, we discussed his requirements, and I was able to get a good idea of what he wanted to get out of the session. After a consultation, I always have an excellent understanding of how to prepare for the actual session.

During the session, we decided to go with three main looks. Going with multiple looks is highly recommended when applying for representation as it showcases your range and overall provides more options.

For the first look, we decided on a headshot. We also figured it would be best to keep the clothing selection simple. Because of this, we decided on a black t-shirt. Even though we didn’t change anything during the first look, the result was two different images. They are different, but both are great! The main difference between the two headshots of Evan you see here is his expression.

We wanted something with more of a fashion style for look number two. I also wanted to brighten the overall vibe of the image. Evan changed his shirt, and I tweaked my lighting and changed the background. The result is excellent, and I am delighted with it. It’s amazing what simple changes will do to the look of an image.

Next up was look number three. Again, Evan changed up his wardrobe. For this one, we decided on something with a bit more of a “classic portrait” look to it. Again, I changed my lighting and backgrounds. For these images, I also had Evan standing for some and sitting on a wooden stool and a black apple box for others. Again, simple changes to mix things up to give us multiple options to choose from.

Fine Art Portrait Photographer

Many different things can affect the “mood” of a portrait. For my clients, things to consider when preparing for your session are clothing and hair and makeup. The guys don’t usually have to be concerned with makeup. However, I must consider many things to change the “mood” of a portrait. Lighting, backgrounds, and expression are the things I focus on the most. Looking at these photos of Evan, you will see how these things changed throughout the entire session.

Options, options, options! Having more is always better.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding any of the information provided in this article, and as always, I look forward to working with you.