Portrait Photographer

Creative Portraits with Ayden

As the title says, I recently did a Creative Portrait Session with Ayden at my studio in Pitt Meadows. As you will see from the accompanying photos, we decided to stick to one look.

When I put together some ideas on what I wanted to do, I concluded that I wanted something with an “edgy” look. For wardrobe selection, we went with a dark theme. I also wanted to bring some attention to his eyes, so we decided to wear dark eye makeup. For this, I enlisted the help of my makeup artist Laurie. She did a fantastic job, and this added the edgy look I wanted. She also came up with a great idea for his hair, which pulled the entire look together.

To keep with the edgy theme, I kept everything on the set similar in color and tone to Ayden’s clothing, with the addition of a lighter background just behind him to make him stand out more. Once this was all done, I moved to the next stage of my creative portrait session, lighting.

My lighting consisted of 3 lights in total. Behind me, I used a large umbrella on low power to add a touch of fill in the shadows. To the right of the camera, I used a large parabolic modifier to light Ayden. Once I got these two lights dialed in, I added a third light for effect. This light was a hard light, which gave the final “pop” I wanted.

As an artist, I love doing these types of creative portrait sessions. From the planning phase to preparation to executing, these sessions are constantly enriching. The reward at the end is always the great images that we create.

If you would like more information on my Creative Portrait Sessions, please feel free to contact me.