The importance of investing in a Professional Headshot

Whether you’re looking for a sure-fire way to ensure that your¬†LinkedIn¬†profile stands out or you’re looking for a professional photo for your business’ website, it’s well worth investing in a professional headshot.

After all, first impressions count! Prospective clients, prospective business partners, and prospective employers must get the impression that you’re a confident, professional, and approachable individual.

Just consider this: You are shown two LinkedIn profiles, one which boasts a professional headshot and one which shows a blurry photo taken on a smartphone. Whose profile would you find more attractive? Suppose you were looking for a potential employee; the chances are that you would consider the candidate with a professional photo for the position you were offering over the candidate who put up a hastily taken picture.

Remember that your headshot is an indication of the type of person you are. If you have taken the time and effort to get a professional headshot, you likely take your job or your business seriously, and you are not the individual who cuts corners.

Should you choose to book a professional headshot session with Gordon Clark Photography, my goal will be to ensure that you will have a wide array of high-quality headshots to choose from at the end of the session. While some photographers will present their clients with a single headshot, I will provide you with various options. Having these options will enable you to choose the right headshot for each of your professional profiles.

For example, you may want to feature a headshot with a natural smile on your social media. You may opt to use a headshot with a confident and approachable expression on your LinkedIn profile.

If you have never had a professional headshot taken and are unsure of the look you should go for; I am happy to help you find the look(s) that will best suit your needs.

A lot of my clients were initially nervous about having a professional headshot taken. I excel at creating a comfortable and relaxing environment and making the sessions fun.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Yes, you heard correctly. If for some reason, you are having second thoughts about your photos, then we will do another shoot. I guarantee that when you leave my studio after your headshot session, you will be confident that you have several great headshots to choose from once it’s time to review your proofs. You may have noticed that I don’t put a time limit on my sessions, and this is why. Many of my clients often ask how long the session will take? I will likely say about an hour, but in all honesty, the session ends when we are both satisfied that we have a great selection of proofs.

Think about it. You will most likely use your new headshot for a couple of years, so it is essential that you are 100% satisfied with the shot you decide to use.

If you have any questions regarding my Professional Headshot Sessions, please feel free to contact me.