Lifestyle with Amanda

I also thought about calling this post “A Productive Day”, as it was just that, productive. By this I mean we accomplished what we set out to do, capture some great images! That being said, I decided to go with the “Lifestyle with Amanda” tag, as it’s much more current.

I have known Amanda for a few years now and have worked with her many times. I believe this really helps, as we both sort of just know what the other does. Also the added years of experience under our belts don’t hurt either. I often joke with her and ask her to just do “her thing” and I will press the button. For this shoot, honestly, it was mostly just that.

The details of the shoot were pretty simple and went something like this: “Hey let’s meet at your place and get your makeup done, then head into Mission and shoot 3 different looks in the old part of town”. “Okay that sounds like fun”.

And that’s basically what we did.

I am really pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy them too.

Model: Amanda Jean McIntyre
Stylist: Amanda & Alison McIntyre
Makeup: Chelsea Skerlak