Earlier this year, I was asked to take part in a mixer at John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver. I know what you are saying, “What is a mixer?” Actually I thought the exact same thing when I was first asked to be part of it. Turns out it’s a collaboration involving incredibly talented students from several different programs, including fashion, make up, hair and esthetics.

“Yes, of course” was my answer and I was super happy to be involved.

So off to Gastown in Vancouver I went, where I met up with the rest of the team. We were tasked with doing 3 different looks, “Wedding”, “Hollywood”, and “Rock Star”. Each consisted of a different look for make up, hair, and fashion.

I must say, I was totally impressed with the talent and creativity of everyone involved:

Model: Sarah Seward
Make up: Chelsea Skerlak
Hair: Olivia Berttall
Fashion: Carolina Lara

Also a special thanks to Couturist Vancouver, for providing the wonderful clothing.