Fit and Strong with Ingrid!

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing Lifestyle Fitness Portraits with Ingrid Vadina.  Ingrid is a personal trainer who wanted pictures that she could use on her new website, Fit & Strong Training – Ingrid Vadina.  She exhibited immense discipline to get in perfect shape for the shoot, and when the day arrived, she looked amazing!

Ingrid wanted a natural shoot in an outdoor location that represented her chosen home of Pitt Meadows, so I took her to one of my favourite spots:  Pitt Lake.  It was a perfect day, sunny and not too hot.  Due to recent rainfall, the dykes were lush and green – not the usual dry brown grass of summer – a perfect backdrop for the pictures Ingrid wanted!

Shooting with Ingrid was so much fun! She is a good family friend and has a very refreshing sense of humour.  It didn’t seem like work at all (well, almost…). While shooting, we got a few curious looks from the other dyke-users, and some very nice compliments from a couple of horseback riders we encountered along the way (well, the compliments were mostly for how amazing Ingrid looked…. :)).

We worked with natural light at first, but decided that we wanted a bit more pop to the pictures, so we brought out the strobes.  What a difference!  The pictures look almost 3D and she seems to jump right out of the frame.

The wind picked up halfway through and did some interesting things to Ingrid’s hair, although it created challenges for her make-up artist, Tara Shannon, who fought to keep it neat and tidy, only to have nature (or Ingrid) mess it up again.  I think Tara gave up in the end and just let it fall naturally.

The end results turned out great.  Of course it never hurts to have a beautiful and easy-going model to work with…

Thank you for a great shoot, Ingrid.  I can’t wait to see your new website.