Learn - Create - Improve - Repeat

As most of you know, I am primarily a Headshot & Portrait Photographer.  But I decided earlier this year that I want/need to dive headfirst into the video arena as well.  I believe it’s the future, or at least a big part of it.  So this is my first official attempt.  My #1 goal: to learn.

As for the title, well I suppose it’s pretty obvious; however, I should mention that if you are entirely bored watching the video, then go check out the song “A Forest” by the Cure.  It’s quite “not boring”.

The process of making this video was definitely much more work than I originally anticipated.  And as with most projects, once I got into it, it seemed to grow.  I filmed the majority of the video on my Canon 80D with an assortment of different lenses.  The footage in the car was shot on a GoPro Hero 5.  As I don’t own a GoPro, I decided to rent one and it was well worth the $45 cost.  As I was a “one man show” during the production process, many different camera supports and stabilizers were necessary.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results and even more, I’m excited to see where things will go from here.  As the title states: Learn – Create – Improve – Repeat – together all of these are vital ingredients for success.  However, I can think of another very important word that makes it all come together.  Sort of the “secret sauce” of Success: Work!

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