Creative Portraits

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I love Creative Portraits. The ingredients that make a great portrait are not really that different from those that make a great headshot. Of course, lighting, composition, wardrobe, and emotion are essential, but combining all these with a great expression defines a great portrait. We draw the viewer in only when these ingredients are present. If you are interested in a Creative Portraits session, all you need to get started is an “idea”!

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Do you want or do you need a professional portrait?

There are many reasons why someone might want a Creative Portrait of themself.

  • A unique and eye-catching portrait or headshot for business purposes can make a great first impression and help establish credibility.
  • A creative portrait can help showcase personality and attract potential matches for online dating profiles.
  • A portrait can complete a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a significant other.
  • A creative portrait can also serve as a personal achievement, capturing a moment representing growth and progress.
  • For memoirs, a portrait can bring a story to life and add a personal touch.
  • Family or couples photographs can capture the love and connection between individuals.
  • And for those needing a confidence and motivation boost, a portrait can remind them of their strength and beauty.

Therefore, a Creative Portrait can be a meaningful and valuable addition to anyone’s life.

I am honoured to be a member of Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew Associate Photographer Team. A group of highly skilled headshot specialists that have shown their ability to produce consistent imagery culminating in a well-rounded portfolio filled with exemplary headshot work.