Business Professional? We have you covered…..

Recently, I had some clients ask if I offer a package geared specifically toward Business Professionals.  To me, Business Professional is a fairly loose term.  An example might be a Lawyer, an Accountant, a Sales Person or maybe a Realtor.  I don’t like to get caught up in the the specific job title, but rather how individuals showcase themselves and their brand.  Usually, business professional are looking for a mix of headshots and portraits to use on social media and/or their website.  More recently, the requests I have been getting were for studio headshots as well as natural light portraits (Lifestyle Portraits).  I don’t have a specific package for this combo, but tailor each shoot to my clients’ individual requirements.  Communication is key to a successful shoot, so I always encourage my clients to meet with me, be it over the phone or in person, to discuss what they are looking for. If you are thinking you need both studio headshots and a lifestyle portrait for your online presence, then doing them both at the same time is a great idea.

Rather than explaining the many options available, I figured I would just blog about a recent session I had.  I feel this is a great example of “killing two birds with one stone”.

VIP Treatment for Valeria

Valeria recently graduated from university and started her first professional job.  She wanted to update her LinkedIn account to reflect this change in status.  I was happy to help her.

Prior to the shoot, I was in constant communication with Valeria.  This involved going over her requirements, talking a bit about style and makeup, and finally booking a session time.  Because Laurie was coming in to do Valeria’s makeup, we had to coordinate with her schedule as well.  Of course, by now you probably all know my thoughts on whether or not it’s a good idea to have a Professional Makeup Artist.…  The answer is, absolutely, YES – at least for woman.

On the day of the shoot, Valeria arrived about one hour before shoot time.  This allowed Laurie enough time to do Valeria’s makeup.  Once makeup was done, we went over wardrobe selection.  On my recommendation, Valeria brought several different changes of clothing.  This provided different options and allowed us to really get the look we were aiming for.  As we were doing both headshots and Lifestyle Portraits, having several options was even more important.

For more information on how to better prepare for your session, be sure to check out my Session Info.

The shoot itself was divided into two main parts, the indoor Headshots and the outdoor Lifestyle Portraits.  During the headshots, we did three different looks, with different outfits and two different background colours.  Each look was specifically chosen to enable us to get a professional, but slightly different option.  As you can see in the samples below, we accomplished this.  Valeria now has a great range of shots to use on her company website and various social media sites.


Below is a short time-lapse video of Valeria working through various different expressions.  I always work closely with my clients during the session in an effort to get that perfect expression. Speeding the video up is a really cool way of seeing this in progress.

After we finished the headshots, we headed outside for Part 2 of the shoot: Outdoor Lifestyle Portraits.  This type of portrait is very popular and a great tool to use on your website.  It allows viewers to learn more about you.  The surroundings in a Lifestyle Portrait may or may not be directly related to your job or community, but they help create a mood that showcases your interests and personality.

The samples below were shot within a 5-minute walk from the studio.  A beautiful spring day with the trees full of blossoms provided a great backdrop.  The only light involved in these shots was the light that Mother Nature gave us, the sun.  Again, simple, but very effective.  Valeria came away with a variety of great shots.  She is now ready to take on the Corporate World!

If you have any questions about this shoot or are interested in obtaining more information on our sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.