How I Got the Shot

How I Got the Shot

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Tether Tools and asked if I was interested in...

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Learn – Create – Improve – Repeat

As most of you know, I am primarily a Headshot & Portrait Photographer.  But I decided earlier this year...

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Business Professional

Business Professional? We have you covered

Recently, I had some clients ask if I offer a package geared specifically toward Business Professionals.  To me, Business Professional...

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Professional Headshot of Vancouver Home Inspector

Headshot no Headshot

I have spoken or written about this topic many times in the past, but the question is still on point.  In a previous post on my website, I said...

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Award wining Headshot of Vancouver Realtor Adam Chahl wearing white dress shirt and grey suit with 3-day-beard and smirky smile, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Headshot Photographer

When I pick up a camera, I intend to create something special for you, my client...

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Business Woman Professional Headshot

Professional Headshot

Whether you're looking for a surefire way to ensure that your LinkedIn profile...

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Fit and Strong with Ingrid | Photo Session by Gordon Clark Photography

Fit and Strong with Ingrid

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing Lifestyle Fitness Portraits with Ingrid Vadina...

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Headshots Kiera Klassen by Vancouver Headshot Photographer Gordon Clark, Pitt Meadows, BC

Headshots Kiera

“Your expressions are awesome already, I’m not even gonna mess with that!”

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Corporate Photo Session with Fraser Developmental Clinic by Gordon Clark Photography

Fraser Developmental Clinic

I always get very excited (and a little nervous) when I first book a large corporate shoot...

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Outdoor Photo Session

Lifestyle with Amanda

By this I mean we accomplished what we set out to do, capture some great images!

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Outdoor Teenager Photo Session with Sarah Clark

20 Minutes with Sarah

A very quick post really just to show some recent images that I shot with Sarah.

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John Casablanca Insitute Mixer

JCI Mixer

I know what you are saying, "What is a mixer?"

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